Famous Capital Steez Quotes, Thoughts, And Sayings

Capital STEEZ was an American rapper from New York City. His real name was Courtney Jamal Dewar, and he tragically took his own life at the age of 19 by jumping off the top of the Cinematic Music Group’s offices on Christmas Eve in 2012. This was a difficult time in music history, and STEEZ’s loss is still felt today. His music was deeply personal and often touched on dark subjects, but he also had a knack for delivering positive, uplifting messages. He was a unique voice in the rap game and will be remembered as one of the greats. Here I am sharing with you famous Capital Steez Quotes that will be motivating and helpful for all singers and rappers. Hope it would be like you very much.

Some people like to compromise for the dollar sign, but i had my mind side/ i told jack from get that i’m ride or die. and i’d rather die by homicide inctead of goin out without a pride.

My sleeping beauty all alone in her castle you’r golden, glowing through shadows cupid got his bow and his arrow when i throw in the towel.

Like who would want a girl with elegance, intelligance and a cute way of presenting it?

They say hard work pay off well tell the based god don’t quit his day job.

Our Emotions are PURE & Our Logic is Korrupt.

Capital Steez Love Quotes

It might be difficult to put something as powerful as love into words, but it’s frequently vital (particularly around Valentine’s Day) to find the right words to express your feelings to your significant other. These Capital Steez Love Quotes are perfect for when you want to write something short and sweet or seek a more original method to express your feelings.

You are never too old to take a baby steps.

Speak from bottom of heart, Gold will gives words to make awesome rap song.

I never say that i lose cause when i lose i’m wise and i win i’m happy just for that moment in time.

Capital Steez Third Eye Quotes

Capital Steez shares third-eye quotes that will really change your vision and thoughts, After reading these Capital Steez Third Eye Quotes I would make sure that you will be motivated and empowered. I hope you like these third eye quotes

Iif you could flip the switch and open your third eye, you would see that we should never be afraid to die.

It’s not hard, You can see the whole world with your own third eye.

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