World's Longest Cruise Ship Crashes Into Dock in Jamaica

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Passengers screamed "oh my god" and "holy sh**" when the world's largest cruise ship approached the port in Falmouth, Jamaica, and slammed into a wharf.

"There were no casualties to passengers or staff, and the ship's stern received only minor aesthetic damage." The cruise will proceed as planned," Royal Caribbean announced in a statement posted on the blog in response to the disaster.

The incident was caused by an error committed by the cruise's port pilot while navigating the ship, according to Jamaican tourism minister Edmund Bartlett.

According to sources, the incident was caused by the harbour pilot's "mistake," as the captain of the Harmony was allegedly misled by the harbour pilot.

The Wonder of the Seas, with a gross tonnage of 236,875 tonnes, is the world's biggest cruise ship, nearly 10,000 tonnes more than Harmony.

The world's largest cruise ship, the 362-foot Wonder of the Seas, was just launched by Royal Caribbean.

The ship is separated into seven distinct neighbourhoods and contains two surf simulators and three water slides.

The Wonder of the Seas, the world's biggest cruise ship, is around 10,000 tonnes larger than Harmony.